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Sentinel Healthcare Announces Partnership with UT Health Austin to Launch Quarantine Management Platform for Novel Coronavirus

Health system to pilot new remote monitoring solution to manage patients, evaluate risk, and provide real-time escalation alerts for individuals exposed to infectious disease

Zero-touch, drive-through testing management system enables easy tracking of COVID-19 lab test results

SEATTLE, WASH., April 7, 2020 –Sentinel Healthcare, a digital healthcare company known for its state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring solutions, today announced a partnership with UT Health Austin to launch its quarantine management platform for COVID-19. Sentinel’s new program supports healthcare systems, government agencies, and employers in monitoring, evaluating risk, and providing real-time alerts to providers when escalation of care is required for patients with COVID-19. In addition, a zero-touch, drive-through testing management system enables healthcare systems to track the results of patients tested for COVID-19 with the use of a scannable barcode.

“As the novel coronavirus spreads, we must rapidly rethink how we manage patient care and keep our healthcare workers safe,” said Aaron Miri, Chief Information Officer at Dell Medical School and UT Health Austin. “By leveraging Sentinel’s technology and automation software, we will increase our ability to take care of the large numbers of patients who may contract COVID-19, and succeed in our mission to improve health in our community.”

Under the Sentinel program, people who have been exposed to the novel coronavirus may be provided with a digital thermometer that integrates into Sentinel’s platform. Users are prompted to answer questions about their symptoms and to record their temperature. Sentinel’s algorithms identify rising temperatures and worsening symptoms that require the attention of a medical professional. Alertsare sent to the provider and the patient can be triaged for escalation of care, ranging from a call with their doctor for telehealth evaluation or a visit to the hospital. In addition, the app tracks diagnostic labs from drive-through testing sites to display to healthcare systems and public health entities.

“As we witnessed the toll the novel coronavirus was taking on the healthcare community in Seattle, where Sentinel is based, we decided to build a solution that could help hospital systems better manage the testing and care of the many healthcare workers and patients who will inevitably be exposed to the disease,” said Nirav H. Shah, M.D., CEO and co-founder of Sentinel Healthcare. “We are grateful to be able to support UT Health Austin in implementing our solution, which we hope will help our fellow healthcare workers at the front lines of this pandemic.”

About Sentinel Healthcare

Sentinel Healthcare leverages the power of wearable (IoT) technologies to improve patient outcomes. Sentinel’s HIPAA-compliant platform supports healthcare systems in providing better, more efficient care by monitoring physiologic data, making actionable treatment recommendations, and improving medication adherence.

Conceptualized and designed by physicians and healthcare technologists, Sentinel’s digital health platform enables health systems to continuously monitor patient data and deliver seamless, integrated care. For more information, visit www.sentinel.healthcare and follow @SentinelHCare on Twitter.

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