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Sentinel Healthcare Announces Addition of Caregiver Mode(TM) to Remote Management System for Hypertension

Platform now enables patients to delegate family members or professional caregivers to view and monitor their care

SEATTLE, WASH., June 3, 2019 – Sentinel Healthcare, a clinically-validated digital healthcare platform providing remote monitoring and management of patients with high blood pressure and other chronic diseases, today announced the release of Caregiver Mode(TM), which provides  caregivers designated by the patient with the ability to track and monitor their care.

Caregiver Mode enables patients to delegate access to a caregiver of their choice, including a family member or professional caregiver like an at-home nurse, and provide them with a window on their care,” said Nirav Shah, M.D., Sentinel’s founder and chief executive officer.  “Sentinel’s mission is to provide better care and improve outcomes for people with hypertension, and the addition of this function to the Sentinel mobile app brings us one step closer to that goal.”

Caregiver Mode is an option within the Sentinel application that allows for a patient to delegate access to another user who has a Sentinel account. These caregivers can view patient information and record vital signs, depending on the level of access they are provided.

“One of our aims in building Caregiver Mode into the Sentinel app is to allow family members of people with hypertension, particularly those who might live far away, to participate in their loved ones’ care,” said Noah Manders, Sentinel’s Chief Technology Officer. “The addition of this app also enables paid caregivers to take the patient’s blood pressure and upload their vitals to the Sentinel platform. With this important update, Sentinel has expanded the number and types of patients who can be managed under our platform.”

About Sentinel Healthcare

Sentinel Healthcare is leveraging the power of wearable technologies to improve outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. Sentinel has created a platform that monitors blood pressure data, makes actionable treatment recommendations, improves medication adherence and generates revenue for healthcare systems. Conceptualized and designed by physicians, Sentinel’s digital health platform enables health systems to continuously monitor patient data and deliver seamless, integrated care. For more information, visit www.sentinel.healthcare and follow @SentinelHCare.