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Alertive & Carbon Health

I am extremely excited to share the news that Alertive is joining Carbon Health (read press release here) to combine our efforts to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all. We are working as a team to build a health platform that takes care of all patient needs— from urgent care visits to managing chronic conditions such as hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, and kidney disease. Importantly, we helped align incentives and reimbursements with better experiences and outcomes (1, 2, 3, 4), but we still have a lot to accomplish.

Alertive, both as a brand and as a service, will remain as you know it as we integrate with Carbon Health. Alertive will be supporting Carbon Health’s home-based care initiatives as well as continuing to grow and expand on its approach to managing chronic conditions. We will continue serving our patients and providers with no changes. We’re excited because we get to keep going forward with the scale and support of Carbon Health.

We are very proud of the progress we have made since we founded Alertive (formerly known as Sentinel) in 2017. After developing, testing, and prototyping a platform for the remote monitoring of patients suffering from strokes, cardiac disease, and other conditions, we built a business model that aligned patient needs with provider incentives for better care. We grew quickly to serve nearly 40 clinics across the country. During the COVID-19 pandemic we worked quickly to develop a contract tracing program on our platform, which was adopted by retirement communities in the Seattle area. We are now monitoring thousands of patients a month, across all major vital signs. 

Today, we are embarking on another exciting journey. We were first introduced to Carbon Health through a mutual friend, Henrik Berggren. Henrik introduced us to President of Home-Based Care & Chief Strategy Officer at Carbon Health, Myoung Cha, who had just left Apple for Carbon Health. We then met Eren Bali, Carbon Health’s CEO and founder. We quickly saw that both companies had the same goal: To innovate in healthcare by building strong relationships with patients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a seismic shift in how care is delivered, with more and more providers shifting to home care. At Carbon Health, we will be part of Myoung’s omnichannel care team. 

Carbon Health currently has 90+ clinics across 14 states. Soon patients may begin their healthcare journey at a Carbon Health clinic, receive RPM devices to manage a chronic disease and regularly receive analysis and insights from their provider from the comfort of their home. Carbon Health will also maintain Alertive Healthcare’s existing relationships with healthcare systems, specialists and payors to direct patients to specialists to continue their value based care.

To all of Alertive’s users, partners, investors, care team members, engineers, operations team members, and everyone else that has contributed to Alertive - Thank you! We could not have gotten here without your support. Special thanks to all the partners at Pioneer Square Labs, JJ. Singh, Steve DeWald, and StartX for being what any founder could hope for - a partner in the trenches. 

We are so excited to enter this new chapter and continue to navigate our journey with you. 

Nirav and the Alertive team