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As clinicians, we saw the need for continuous, real-time care in our elderly patients. Alertive ties monitoring to medication management.

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Why Alertive


When a clinic signs up for Alertive they are onboarded to our platform and supplied with devices and training.

Find Qualified Patients

Alertive partners with your admin team to search evaluate your practice and medical records for qualifying patients. We help patients and your staff know if RPM is billable at the point of care

Enroll Patients

Alertive works with your staff and providers to enroll patients remotely and in-person.

Monitoring Patients

Alertive provides actionable updates related to adherence, side effects, physiologic deviations that may require dose adjustments, and medication refills


Alertive's billing software provides compliant data for billing and revenue-cycle management. Based on your collections Alertive's software will  guide your practice and staff with insights built into our software so that your team knows which patients are best suited for RPM.

Full suite of
integrated devices

Blood Pressure
Pulse Oximetry
Blood glucose

Remote enrollment

Our team communicates with patients about Alertive's healthcare solutions

Alertive ships devices directly to patients.

We set up patients virtually to respect social distancing.

Triage, track, and manage

Our advanced clinical decision support  incorporates guideline-based care for monitoring patients in real-time.

We help practices automate billing

  • 1
    Patient onboarded
  • 2
    Remote monitoring rendered monthly
  • 3
    Alertive provides report with batch e-sign and charges
  • 4
    Claims submitted and received
  • 5
    Alertive invoices every 30 days via ACH when claims paid

We help patients get proactive care

We help providers triage patients without extra work

Clinical results achieved

Compared to the control group who received standard of care treatment, patients treated with Alertive experienced the following outcomes:

Number of patients who achieved blood pressure control
Average rate of symptom reduction per patient
Decrease in hospital readmissions in the entire population receiving treatment

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The Alertive Difference

Billing & Reimbursement Success
Devices with Direct Partnerships
Care Team & Medical Director
Clinical Alerts for Improved Care
Caregiver Mode
Multilingual Technical Support
Remote Enrollment
Secure and Compliant

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